Profile Pic (small)Welcome to my website, where I lurk when I should be writing.

One of my New Year resolutions is not just to read more; but to share books I’ve enjoyed. First up is a wonderful short story and poetry collection, exploring the experience of living in and between British and South Asian cultures. You’ll find my review of The Whole Kahani’s May We Borrow Your Country on my blog.

Reading for pleasure is a treat in the solitary process of editing and re-drafting my novel, which still takes up much of my working life. I was thrilled when it was shortlisted for the Exeter Novel Prize.

You can be intrigued by my work here.

2019 was tumultuous on many fronts. I was grateful for the encouragement and support of fellow writers, especially on social media. The creative act of writing, and the empathy it engenders, feels more necessary than ever.

2020 will no doubt bring more challenges. But tough times can prove fertile for creativity. And working as a secondary school writer-in-residence, and seeing students’ talent, imagination and energy, gives me hope for the future. Their work always surprises me. More importantly, what they can achieve surprises them.